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Azlin Binti Sabtu


Tun Mohamad Suffian Mohd Hashim has always been the guiding star to many young lawyers like me. The admirable prints he left behind to the judicial and legal professions are truly inspiring. I am eternally grateful to have the opportunity to embark on the same academic adventure as Tun Mohamad Suffian had at the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge.

I went to University of Cambridge in September 2009 among others, to emulate the prominence of the late Tun Mohamad Suffian. But, having to survive in the land of intellectuals and geniuses was never easy. However, the undivided support and motivation lend to me by the Tun Suffian Foundation - a foundation established in commemoration of the very person whom I always looked up to in the legal career, works like an instant tonic for me to give my best and strive for the best. For this, I am forever thankful to the Foundation.

In one of his many inspiring words, Tun Mohamad Suffian once said:
“Working in the law one does not have the pleasure of seeing the result of one’s work with eyes, there is nothing tangible that one can feel and stroke; but on the other hand I have the satisfaction, certainly when I was in the AG’s Chambers when I had the opportunity of suggesting or even drafting Acts, Subordinate Legislation and amendments, of having a hand in shaping the destiny of the community at large and thus contributing towards the happiness of the citizen.”
As the Senior Federal Counsel who is serving the country at the Constitution Unit, Attorney General’s Chambers, I couldn’t agree more with what he said. Having the opportunity to shape “the destiny of the community at large and thus contributing towards the happiness of the citizens”, is indeed a far greater job satisfaction than any other can offer.

I sincerely hope that one day, this kampong-girl who aspires to serve the country at her best, is able to paint beautiful colours on the judicial and legal service’s canvas, just as how Tun Mohamad Suffian have had. Thank you Tun Suffian Foundation, for aiding me through this wonderful journey.




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