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Dr Emily Tan Lay Koon


Dr Tan Lay Koon

            As a physician, continuous learning is an integral part of sharpening one’s skills in order to provide even better care for patients. As Albert Einstein once said, “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death”. And so it is with these thoughts in mind that I decided to pursue skills in cardiac magnetic resonance imaging which is a relatively new field in medicine with great potential in providing further insights to disease processes aiding in diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

            With the financial support given by Tun Suffian Foundation and the National Heart Institute, I was able to learn cardiac magnetic resonance imaging under the auspices of Professor Dudley Pennell who is a world renowned leader in this field at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London, United Kingdom for a year (2011-2012).

During my stay in London, I had gained invaluable experience and knowledge not only in the field of cardiac magnetic resonance imaging but also in other areas of medicine which has equipped me to provide better care to patients. I was also exposed to opportunities in medical research and I hope to apply these knowledge into conducting cardiovascular research especially in the field of cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in the near future.

I am indeed grateful to all at the Tun Suffian Foundation who have shown me lots of kindness, support, advice and care in addition to being models of inspiration to me.




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