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Dr Jeremy Prakash Silvanathan


My Fellowship here in the Hand Program , Toronto western Hospital , University of Toronto ,Ontario , Canada

 This hand program was started in 1986 as Canada's first Hand Program. From the outset, it was their goal to build a multidisciplinary approach to conditions and trauma affecting the hands.  Their skilled Surgeons are trained in Orthopaedic or Plastic Surgery and have subspecialty fellowship training in Hand Surgery. Team also includes a Hand Physician, ten Hand Therapists and a Social Worker. 

The Hand Program's patients come from across Metro Toronto and Southern Ontario, and  also see major hand trauma patients from the entire province. The  patients have a wide variety of conditions from ganglions and tendonitis to wrist instability, and Duputren's contracture. They see the entire spectrum of hand trauma and perform over 50 finger or hand replantations per year. The care for microsurgical patients is greatly facilitated by  four-bed microsurgical unit that provides optimal conditions and a dedicated nursing staff and social worker for these patients 

Hand clinics run daily (Monday to Friday) for emergency patients, follow-up care and new consultations (by appointment). Each surgeons have specific areas of interest that include: carpal instability, brachial plexus injuries and upper extremity reanimation. A Hand Surgeon or Physician, together with Hand Therapists, a nurse, a plaster technician, general manager, receptionist and a team of secretaries, run the clinic and have kept the Hand Program on top of the University Health Network's Quality Initiative. 

The Hand and Upper Extremity Program is dedicated to the education of medical students, surgical residents, and fellows who form an integral part of our team. Hand conferences, and walk-around rounds are scheduled weekly.  we are building the future of Hand Surgery. 

With this exceptional training which i am undergoing and learning, with the new lifestyle and culture , different ways of managing hand problems and patients themselves .
When i return to Malaysia, I plan to  provide exemplary care for patients with all conditions, diseases and trauma affecting the hands. To foster excellence in education and research pertaining to conditions of the hand and to train for Hand Surgeons for our country

Jeremy Prakash Silvanathan



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