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Dr Warren Lo Hwa Loon



The Urology Centre in Guy’s Hospital, London is an internationally renowned award winning training centre for robotic urological surgery. It has recorded the one of highest number of patients operated robotically in United Kingdom. The centre is equipped with the latest DaVinci Robots which cater to different medical disciplines. I trained under the urology robotics team, led by Prof Prokar Dasgupta, who developed the entire robotics programme which provides training for both local and international urology specialists. Many of the consultants from the centre are also involved in robotics mentoring and training in other centres across the UK.

I focused on training in robotic urological procedures for urological cancers and functional urology as Malaysia is still in need of more experts in the area. Robotic surgery offers precision with its fine rotatory movement not achievable with open or laparoscopic surgery. It also provides 10 times magnification hence enhancing anatomic details and allows the surgeon to view and handle complicated anatomies and surgeries for better outcomes. 

At this moment, there are just a few urologists who perform robotic cancer surgery and there are gaps in the fields of functional, reconstructive and female urology. I hope to play my part in filling in the void and to be able to serve patients in need of appropriate treatment. Guy’s Hospital has provided a training platform for me in both oncological and functional urological surgeries.


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